Smith Mausoleum

Jasper “Jack” Newton Smith

Much can be said about Jasper “Jack” Newton Smith, who died in 1918 at the ripe old age of 85. He owned a brickyard, was a real estate developer, built a men-only apartment house named the Bachelor’s Domain, and had a noted aversion to ties. The story goes that when he had his portrait painted, the painter adorned him with a tie, figuring that Jack just didn’t want to wear one for the sitting. Jack had a fit and had the painter execute a new tie-less one. When it came time to build his mausoleum, Smith personally supervised the construction and kept a keen eye on sculptor C. C. Crouch to make sure the seated statue did not sport a tie. The mausoleum is just to the left of the cemetery entrance, and Jasper “Jack” Newton Smith is positioned in such a way that he can view visitors as they come and go.
Text and photo © Douglas Keister Visit Doug’s Author Page

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