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Forever Legacy consistently provides our clientele with a highly personalized level of service in the planning, design, and mausoleum construction of their master-crafted indoor mausoleums. Each new client receives a direct consultation with Forever Legacy co-founder and CEO, Ron Browning. This level of attention, combined with the exclusive use of the highest quality stone and material, is the reason Forever Legacy is regarded as the premier provider of funerary architecture in the industry for those seeking a final resting place beyond ground burial or a burial vault.

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Custom Mausoleums Design

Quality mausoleum designs are the foundation of any construction we begin. All Forever Legacy granite within the mausoleum is custom built to meet the preferences and needs of our clients. Whether you prefer stately Classical types of mausoleums with a single crypt or a community mausoleum space with extensive art and eight crypts (community mausoleums are also known as a family mausoleum), our expert designers create a public mausoleum that fits your style as well as the site – anywhere in the country.

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Quality Construction

Forever Legacy mausoleum builders are award-winning master craftsmen able to turn your design into a structural work of art. The finest architectural granite for private mausoleums is carefully quarried, cut, and carved. During mausoleum construction, architectural and artistic elements are expertly added to create a monument that stands the test of time, a true legacy in perpetuity to those interred. We specialize in private monuments and spaces for family members. Learn about mausoleum cost.

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Premier Custom Mausoleums by Forever Legacy

Forever Legacy is the premier provider of custom mausoleums in the U.S. We specialize in private and family walk-in mausoleums featuring traditional and modern mausoleum designs.

For those seeking to buy a mausoleum, the Forever Legacy team offers concierge-level service to our clients. Following your design consultation, you will receive an in-depth proposal for your custom mausoleum entombment. Then, we will handle all the details of the mausoleum construction process, informing you as much or as little as you wish.

But it’s not just our service or superior mausoleum cost that makes us stand out from the other mausoleum construction companies. We only build mausoleums using high-quality Vermont granite, quarried specifically for your project. We also work with the best artisans in the country, who will carefully carve each detail by hand. Our specialized landscaping team can develop a gorgeous setting for a garden mausoleum on private property as well.

We know that it can be emotionally difficult to discuss end-of-life issues. That’s why it’s essential that you select a custom mausoleum company that will create a unique and lasting monument that celebrates your family’s contributions.

Get started building a custom mausoleum for your family by discussing your project with one of our consultants. You can also view our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Learn More About Private Mausoleum Design

Unlike traditional burial, an individual mausoleum will give your family the privacy and comfort they deserve. Learn more about designing a private family mausoleum by talking with a Forever Legacy consultant.

Forever Legacy specializes in private mausoleum design. Your family will have a beautiful indoor space, complete with stained glass windows and decorative engravings, to privately pray and meditate as they reflect on the life of the individuals entombed.

Your mausoleum burial will be an important part of your legacy. That’s why we offer complete, custom solutions for your private mausoleum design. We are a mausoleum construction company that creates pieces of art, which will reflect your contributions to society for future generations.

Forever Legacy’s focus is on quality craftsmanship and superior service. We are the mausoleum industry leaders in North America and are equipped to serve discriminating clients interested in single crypts and multiple crypts. Our mausoleums offer space for casket interment and cremation urns containing cremated remains.

Learn more about above-ground burial and constructing an individual mausoleum crypt, including private mausoleum costs and site selection, by reaching out to the Forever Legacy office near you.

Celebrate Your Legacy with a Family Mausoleum

There are other mausoleum construction companies, but only Forever Legacy will create unique, beautiful, customized private family mausoleums that reflect your family’s contributions to the world.

Our process will begin by discussing indoor mausoleum design options. Your community mausoleum will be complete with companion crypts and customized to meet the needs and traditions of your entire family while matching your preferred architectural style.

Your community mausoleum designer will discuss each detail, from statuary to landscaping. And of course, you will approve the private family mausoleum cost before the project begins.

Using the finest materials and best artisans in the industry, Forever Legacy sets itself apart from other mausoleum companies in the U.S. That’s why we are happy to offer an Eternal Guarantee, which is backed by an independent trust and offered to the family members, the heirs and the cemetery or burial plot.

If you’re interested in discussing end-of-life plan options beyond traditional ground burials, consult with Forever Legacy.

Walk-In Mausoleums Offer Privacy and Space

You have options when designing an individual or another type of mausoleum, but only walk-in mausoleums offer the comfort and privacy that your family deserves.

Even within a public cemetery, a private walk-in mausoleum ensures that visitors will be protected from the elements. In fact, they will have a beautiful, quiet, comforting space for reflection and prayer no matter the conditions outdoors. For even more improved conditions outside, consider choosing a lush garden mausoleum.

A vestibule-style mausoleum also gives visitors privacy and security. Because only a selected group can access the space, visitors of public mausoleums won’t have to worry about being disturbed by others in the vicinity while visiting deceased loved ones. Instead, a single-family can be alone in their grief and reflection.

Forever Legacy is the premier provider of walk-in community mausoleums in North America. We have assisted hundreds of discriminating clients with their end-of-life plans, providing details about mausoleum site selection, the construction process, available accessories, and walk-in mausoleum costs.

To learn more about building a walk-in mausoleum by Forever Legacy, request a free and private consultation by calling us at (800) 298-4188.

Client Testimonials

  • Numerous funeral directors and visitors to the cemetery all say it is the most beautiful mausoleum they have ever seen.

    Fred & Elaine

  • It is with high regard that I recommend you choose Forever Legacy/Mr. Ron Browning when it comes to purchasing the permanent and lasting impression you hold out to represent your family's legacy.

    Dr. James

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