Mausoleum Restoration

Mausoleum Restoration

Forever Legacy’s team of expert mausoleum builders and craftsmen are available for the repair and restoration of existing mausoleums throughout the U.S. While Forever Legacy mausoleums are constructed with the highest quality materials and come with an Eternal Guarantee, not all mausoleums benefit from the same focus on quality, longevity, and maintenance.

The experienced craftsmen at Forever Legacy apply their skills to restore existing mausoleums that were constructed with imperfections, from materials less able to withstand the effects of climate and time, or haven’t been properly maintained. We offer services ranging from mausoleum repair to complete mausoleum restorations for your existing mausoleum.

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Private Mausoleum Repair

Both exterior and interior mausoleum elements may fail. The exterior of a mausoleum, particularly in the northern United States, suffers through freeze and thaw cycles that damage joints and allow moisture to enter the mausoleum, precipitating interior damage.

Mausoleum interiors may require repair due to:

  •  Swaying or swagging of stone
  • Leaking
  • Breaking or falling veneer
  • Staining.

While Forever Legacy specializes in granite mausoleums that reduce or eliminate the opportunity for many types of mausoleum damage, our team is experienced with the repair and restoration of mausoleums constructed from other stones, and with different techniques. Not only will Forever Legacy remove damaged portions of the mausoleum, our expert team recreates, as nearly as possible, the original look of the mausoleum while using the most effective, modern construction techniques.

Private Mausoleum Restoration Evaluation

Each mausoleum repair and restoration project begins with careful observation and evaluation of the mausoleum. The Forever Legacy team identifies both the current interior and exterior problems, and a course of action to restore the mausoleum and reduce the opportunity for ongoing damage. Mausoleum repair and restoration work is often substantial, requiring weeks to months of work, and a qualified team to ensure effective work.

Steps of Mausoleum Restoration & Repair

  1. Observation and evaluation
  2. Plan for restoration
  3. Take measurements
  4. Order stone
  5. Restore interior and exterior mausoleum

The cost to restore a mausoleum depends on the amount and type of damage, and agreed upon plan for restoration.

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