Partnerships & Affiliations

Forever Legacy is an active member of granite and cemetery associations in the United States. We continuously work to ensure we provide only the best product and services to our discerning clients.

Building Stone Institute

Building Stone Institute

Forever Legacy is a proud member of BSi, the Building Stone Institute, a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the betterment of stone quarries, fabricators, retailers, importers, exporters, carvers, sculptors, restorers, designers, and installers for almost 100 years.

Barre Granite Association Logo

Barre Granite Association

Forever Legacy is dedicated to creating the finest memorials in the world. We are committed to creating memorials of permanent beauty, extreme hardness, and expert craftsmanship, and exclusively use Barre Granite.


International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

Forever Legacy is a voting member of the ICCFA, a long-standing organization serving more than 7,500 funeral related businesses. As a member, Forever Legacy is committed to the organization’s mission and guidelines, including:

  • Providing education and informational resources
  • Caring for those entrusted to us with dignity, respect, and professional skill
  • Serve all families with respect, understanding, and confidentiality
  • Administer and safeguard permanent maintenance funds for their lawful and intended purpose.
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