How We Build Eternal Mausoleums™

Traits of a Quality Mausoleum

American Made

1. American Made

All of our granite is quarried and carved here in the USA at our Barre, Vermont facility. We never import our materials from China or other foreign countries.

granite quarry

2. The Best Materials

To ensure consistency in quality, color, and grain, we never keep granite in stock. Each stone is custom quarried from the same location to ensure uniformity in finish. Beware builders that won’t guarantee that your granite is pulled from the same location. Granite pulled from different locations or depths can have drastically different qualities and will make your building look “patched together” instead of having a uniform look.

solid slab flooring

3. Solid Slab Flooring

Our floors are made out of solid slabs of granite, not thin-set tile on concrete. Over time, tile flooring can pull apart and crack due to cold and moisture. Imagine the durability of an 8″–12″ solid piece of granite versus a patchwork of hundreds of small tiles that each need to be held together with grout.

thicker walls

4. Thicker Walls

Our walls and roofs are typically 8″–12″ thick. Many competitors’ buildings use 4″–6″ or thinner walls and compensate by using additional structure for support. Thicker walls are heavier walls which means they can carry greater loads and better resist earth movement.

fewer joints

5. Fewer Joints

Our walls, floors, and roofs are typically constructed from single solid slabs of granite and never have unnecessary horizontal joints like many competitors’ structures. Fewer joints mean fewer opportunities for cold and water to seep in and do damage. Additionally, a solid slab of granite won’t have unsightly seams that can ruin the appearance of your building.

expert joinery

6. Expert Joinery

Our mausoleums are constructed like a piece of fine furniture with pinned mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel anchors. Very few companies employ this method to ensure durability. Then again, no other company offers an Eternal Guarantee…

better accessories

7. Better Accessories

Our doors, windows, and other non-granite elements are made in the USA with the same attention to detail that we bring to our stonework. Many competitors use lower-quality imported components to save costs and favor coatings and veneers to create the look of solid materials. This approach won’t stand the test of time.

custom detail work

8. Custom Detail Work

Our columns, lettering, and custom stonework are hand-carved by experienced artisans to our exacting specifications, not pre-fabricated overseas in pieces and glued together.

full service

9. Full Service

We don’t just build your mausoleum, we work closely with you at every stage of the process. From site selection to working through design details to crafting the perfect landscape, our consultants are there to expertly guide you through the entire process. Many of our clients require six or more site visits and in-person meetings. For other companies, even one offsite meeting is a lot.

eternal guarantee

10. Eternal Guarantee

Our Eternal Guarantee protects your mausoleum in perpetuity. No other company offers Eternal Mausoleums. Our guarantee is backed by an independent trust established in 1865 and is offered to the family, the heirs, and the cemetery.

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