Mausoleum FAQ

What is distinctive about Forever Legacy?

Forever Legacy is the premier American builder of custom private mausoleums. Forever Legacy is set apart from other mausoleums builders by our exceptional customer service, and by the quality of our mausoleums. Forever Legacy’s Eternal Mausoleums™ are built by the finest craftsmen in the industry, from everlasting granite, and come with our Eternal Guarantee.

Does Forever Legacy do only mausoleum construction?

Forever Legacy specializes in the design and construction of custom mausoleums. Our expert team also designs and builds monuments, and restores mausoleums. Contact Forever Legacy today to discuss your building or restoration project.

Does Forever Legacy build monuments?

Forever Legacy craftsmen design and build monuments of distinction. Contact Forever Legacy today to discuss your monument project.

Where can Forever Legacy build my mausoleum?

Forever Legacy provides custom mausoleums throughout the United States. We build in your preferred cemetery, or we build your custom mausoleum on your private estate. Contact us regarding your site.

What is a mausoleum?

A mausoleum is an above ground building designed as the eternal resting place of one or more deceased persons. Mausoleum crypts may be accessed only through external walls as with sepulcher or garden style mausoleums, or be accessed through an interior room as with walk-in or vestibule style mausoleums.

Forever Legacy builds only granite mausoleums. Other mausoleum construction companies may use marble, limestone, or cement—stones more susceptible to the elements.

What is a custom mausoleum?

Most mausoleum builders offer standard, cataloged products that are built at the factory and shipped whole to the final location. Forever Legacy builds custom-designed mausoleums where each private mausoleum is built to the specifications of the owner, and built just for that owner. Each estate mausoleum is a custom work of art.

What materials are used for an estate mausoleum?

Forever Legacy builds only granite mausoleums using modern, expert techniques. Granite is used for its strength and beauty. Unlike other stone and materials, granite is best able to weather the elements, and withstand the test of time. It is because of the quality of our granite and construction methods that Forever Legacy is able to offer our Eternal Guarantee.

What is a private mausoleum?

A private mausoleum is a mausoleum designed for a single person or family. A private mausoleum may be sited on cemetery property or on private property.

How much does a private mausoleum cost?

The price of a custom-designed private mausoleum starts at a few hundred thousand dollars. Large, detailed, or conceptual mausoleums run into the millions of dollars. Forever Legacy is happy to provide a mausoleum price quote for your private mausoleum.

How much does a monument cost?

A substantive monument may cost as much to design and build as a mausoleum. The same materials and craftsmen are used, and monuments are often a substantial size. Consequently, a monument may also cost a few hundred thousand dollars to design and build.

What is a mausoleum crypt?

A mausoleum crypt is a tomb, a dedicated space within a mausoleum designed to house a deceased person in a casket. Mausoleum crypts are often built into the walls of the mausoleum and may face internally or externally. Crypts may also be placed on the mausoleum floor, or underground. A mausoleum may have one or more crypts.

What is a walk-in mausoleum?

A walk-in or vestibule mausoleum is a free-standing stone structure with an entrance and an open space inside so that one can walk into the mausoleum. The crypts are typically indoors, and though often incorporated into the walls, crypts can also be placed in the mausoleum floor or on the floor.

What is a sepulcher mausoleum?

A sepulcher mausoleum is also referred to as a garden mausoleum. It has no door or free space inside. Rather, crypts are built into the walls of the mausoleum and face outside.

What is a cemetery mausoleum?

Commonly, a cemetery mausoleum refers to a community mausoleum (often called a columbarium). A community cemetery mausoleum is owned by the cemetery association and used for interment of a large number of unrelated people. Each crypt is sold separately, similar to the selling of burial plots at the cemetery. Some cemetery mausoleums are quite large with space to inter thousands. They often contain niches, spaces for interment of cremated remains and cremation urns, and chapels.

Properly, a cemetery mausoleum may also designate a private mausoleum that sits on a cemetery plot. A private mausoleum is owned and built by an individual or family, and typically houses a single person or a family. Private mausoleums are often built on cemetery property for perpetual maintenance. Some cemeteries maintain large plots reserved for the development of private mausoleums.

What is mausoleum entombment?

Mausoleum entombment is interment in a mausoleum crypt. Entombment specifically refers to placement in a tomb. In this case, the tomb is the crypt in the mausoleum.

How long does a mausoleum take to build?

A Forever Legacy custom mausoleum build takes a few months, though the entire process may be more extended. Prior to the build, Forever Legacy works with you to define your preferences and design a mausoleum that befits your legacy. Once a mausoleum property has been purchased, and design details finalized, the build begins.

First, the finest American granite is quarried and cut. Then, master craftsmen bring the design to life, crafting the stone to the design plan. Finished pieces of stone are carefully transported to the mausoleum site, and our expert builders carefully and precisely build the custom mausoleum.

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