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Mausoleum Construction

There is something about the majesty and legacy of building a mausoleum that makes it a wonder to watch. From the depths of the quarry, the finest granite is cut and then delivered to our master craftsmen for carving and polishing. These artisans bring each design to life and immortalize those for whom the mausoleum is built. Finally, each piece of finished granite is carefully moved to the mausoleum construction site, where Forever Legacy’s expert builders carefully piece together all the elements.

Click on the mausoleum video below to watch the Forever Legacy team building a mausoleum from quarry to completion. Witness the craftsmanship and care that go into building one of our private mausoleums.

Mausoleum Construction Begins With the Perfect Design

The first step of the private mausoleum construction process is to meet with your design team. After all, one benefit of building a private mausoleum instead of purchasing space in community mausoleums is that your walk in mausoleum design can reflect the values, beliefs, traditions, and tastes of your family.

When you choose a mausoleum construction company for your project, make sure they are willing to add unique creative elements so that your project stands out from the rest.

With Forever Legacy, your private mausoleum can also be built so that it is unique to your needs. Your monument will be custom designed so that it meets the needs of your entire family (or entire families). Your mausoleum design plans can include multiple crypts, niches, or other types of final resting places to accommodate each of your family member’s end-of-life preferences.

Your Private Mausoleum Will Be Constructed With the Finest Materials

A high-quality mausoleum is made from high-grade granite, which is quarried at the same time to provide consistency in the design. While we know that this demand for quality makes our family mausoleum costs higher than some other mausoleum construction companies, our clients appreciate our exacting standards.

After your initial consultation and selection of your custom mausoleum design, our master craftsmen carefully select and cut the granite, and add the fine details that make your mausoleum unique. The granite and other construction elements are then carefully transported to the construction site for precision placement and installation.

Building a Mausoleum That Lasts

As America’s premier mausoleum construction company, we are extremely aware that our structures serve a practical purpose. While we are proud to create a beautiful, distinctive work of art, we also know that our structures must stand the test of time. So even as we hire expert artisans to create beautiful statuary and unique design elements, our construction process guarantees a solid structure that you would expect for a high-quality mausoleum.

When you choose Forever Legacy, our construction is backed by an Eternal Guarantee. This guarantee is supported by an independent trust established in 1865 and is offered to your family, your heirs, and the cemetery.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

Our clients reach out to us because they want to avoid the community mausoleums (or garden mausoleums) experience for themselves and their loved ones. Instead, they want to create a private family mausoleum, where their loved ones can grieve away from prying eyes. In addition, some want to create a lovely space on their private property that future generations can visit to reflect on the lives that have come before them.

Because many modern-day mausoleums are not built in the peaceful surroundings our clients seek, they come to us.

Please understand that when you choose Forever Legacy, we care about your privacy. We can assist you in finding the perfect space for your private mausoleum construction site. Or, if you already have a place in mind, we can help you with the complex task of building a structure that needs care in perpetuity.

There’s a lot to consider in family mausoleum construction. That’s why we encourage you to talk with our team of experts who have worked with complex estates and discriminating clients for years.

Construct a Beautiful Mausoleum Where You Would Be Proud to Display Your Family Name

Your custom mausoleum isn’t simply a final resting place — it’s a masterpiece in perpetuity. Building a mausoleum involves the work of artisans whose craft helps you leave your mark on the ages. So let Forever Legacy create a lasting monument that future generations will admire. Watch as we create a legacy.

Request a consultation by filling out a secure form on our website. We also have offices in five locations throughout the United States. We are headquartered in Austin, but we have other locations in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and South Florida.

Forever Legacy is proud to be the premier mausoleum construction company in America. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you have about this unique project.

Learn More About the Process

Mausoleum Construction FAQ

How is a private mausoleum built?
Here are the steps of constructing a private mausoleum:
1. Consultation and design
2. Quarrying
3. Stone carving
4. Packing and shipping
5. Construction
6. Completion

Where can you build a mausoleum?
A mausoleum can be built in a cemetery or on private land. Whatever building site you choose, ensure its construction is backed by an unconditional warranty against defects in workmanship or quality in perpetuity.

How long do mausoleums take to build?
It takes three or four months to build a mausoleum.

However, this time does not include how long it takes to select a site and design the custom-built structure.

What materials are used to build a mausoleum?
Granite is typically used to construct mausoleums. Granite is not only beautiful, but it also stands up well in all types of climates.

Therefore, granite is the preferred material for mausoleums and headstones.

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