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Mausoleum Construction

There is something about the majesty and legacy of building a mausoleum that makes it a wonder to watch. From the depths of the quarry, the finest granite is cut and delivered to our master craftsmen for carving and polishing. These artisans bring each design to life, and immortalize those for whom the mausoleum is built. Each piece of finished granite is carefully moved to the mausoleum construction site where Forever Legacy’s expert builders carefully piece together all the elements.

Click on the video below to watch the Forever Legacy team building a mausoleum from quarry to completion. Witness the craftsmanship and care that go into building one of our private mausoleums.

Building a Mausoleum That Lasts

After your initial consultation and selection of your custom mausoleum design, our master craftsmen carefully select and cut the granite, and add the fine details that make your mausoleum unique. The granite is then carefully transported to the construction site for its precision placement and installation.

Your custom mausoleum isn’t simply a final resting place — it’s a masterpiece in perpetuity. Building a mausoleum involves the work of artisans whose craft helps you leave your mark on the ages. Let Forever Legacy create a lasting monument that will be admired by future generations. Watch as we create a legacy.

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