Mausoleum Costs Overview 

Forever Legacy builds custom private mausoleums. Our private mausoleums are built from the highest quality granite by the best craftsmen in the industry and are guaranteed in perpetuity. The cost of a mausoleum relates to its size, location, the complexity of the design, and artwork, and special features. Custom private mausoleum costs range from several hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The cost of a cemetery plot for mausoleum placement is additional. Cemeteries also have community mausoleums, offering mausoleum burial in a less private setting. The cost of a mausoleum crypt in a community mausoleum depends on the size of the crypt — if it’s for one or more loved ones — and location. Where land is at a premium, the cost of a mausoleum crypt is likely higher. Community mausoleum crypt prices range from just a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
Mausoleum Prices Are Based On:
  • Mausoleum size
  • Mausoleum construction materials
  • Quality of craftsmanship
  • Mausoleum Design Features
  • Location

Your Legacy
How do you want to be remembered? Where do you want your final resting place to be? Planning for one of the first family mausoleums built by King Mausolus was done while he was still alive. Many private mausoleums and community mausoleums are architectural masterpieces that have stood the test of time and continue to inspire new generations of visitors. Whether you choose the elegance of a classic design or the minimalism of a modern design, the cost of a private mausoleum is a contribution to your lasting legacy.

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How much do mausoleums cost? Browse our comprehensive guide:

Sepulcher or Garden Style Mausoleums

Sepulcher or garden mausoleums are open-air structures with no defined walk-in interior. A memorial mausoleum such as this consists of one or more crypts built into a wall or other structure that is open – not enclosed. Mausoleum prices for this modest yet elegant design from a quality provider like Forever Legacy begin in the low to mid-hundred thousand dollars.

Vestibule and Walk-In Mausoleums

Vestibule and walk-in mausoleums are the private mausoleum styles families tend to think of when they consider buying family mausoleums. Vestibule and walk-in family mausoleums are freestanding, enclosed spaces, where the crypt is located in the interior of the mausoleum. These styles typically take the form of a solid free-standing structure and may or may not have a door. Some walk-in family mausoleums are designed to accommodate only the crypts, while larger designs have more room for family to visit and reflect with loved ones. Some grander designs even incorporate a small chapel or niche where the family can pay homage to the deceased.

The simplest vestibule and walk-in mausoleum styles begin at $350,000. If the design incorporates more elaborate styles or larger structures, the private mausoleum cost increases. With premium materials, aesthetic design flourishes, and finished project additions, it is not uncommon for an elaborately designed and constructed Forever Legacy mausoleum to exceed $1 million.

Forever Legacy provides custom memorials to commemorate a loved one. Custom memorials require as much consideration and painstaking attention to detail as a mausoleum does. The materials for a custom memorial are identical to those used in mausoleum construction. As a result, the cost of a custom memorial is comparable in price to a modest mausoleum style. Of course, the more elaborate the design of your memorial, the higher the total cost.

In addition to the mausoleum style, more elaborate designs, material selection, and other factors play a role in determining the final cost of a mausoleum. The style of the mausoleum is only the starting point in calculating the price. For more information on mausoleum design, construction, or styles, Get Your Free Mausoleum Information and Price Quote.

Individuals and families consider the purchase of a custom private mausoleum are many and varied reasons. The purpose of a mausoleum is to not only memorialize the passing of an individual but also to commemorate a life. The design and detail of each mausoleum should reflect the distinguished person or persons interred within. Most families interested in the purchase of a custom private mausoleum place the issue of cost on a secondary or even tertiary level, but it’s important to understand the factors determining custom private mausoleum cost.

Private Mausoleum Cost Factors: Building Materials 

Building materials form the blank canvas for creating a beautiful, lasting private mausoleum for your loved one’s final resting place. Low-quality building materials discolor or weather too quickly and ruin the legacy of the private mausoleum and those interred within. A premium mausoleum provider, such as Forever Legacy, uses only the highest quality granite to withstand weathering while retaining its beautiful characteristics for far longer than inferior materials.

It is important for families to work with a superior custom private mausoleum builder to ensure a lasting legacy. Less reputable providers cut corners or use materials that don’t stand up well to the test of time. Marble, for example, while beautiful, doesn’t withstand erosion well; mausoleum designs featuring marble wear away until they’re faded and indistinct. Working with the right materials ensures the mausoleum ages well, making an investment in a custom mausoleum well worth the price.

Private Mausoleum Cost Factors: Location

The final consideration in assessing the cost of a custom private mausoleum is the location where the mausoleum is to be constructed. Unlike community mausoleums, a private family mausoleum built on land already owned by the family reduces the overall price of a mausoleum. Those who wish to purchase land in a private memorial garden or cemetery must consult with the chosen memorial garden for available space and pricing.

A custom family mausoleum is a major investment, and it deserves the proper materials and high-quality construction to accurately reflect those interred within. Contact the team at Forever Legacy to Get Your Free Mausoleum Quote and begin creating an eternal legacy for you and your family.

Size and Location Factor Heavily in Custom Mausoleum Cost

Families can control custom mausoleum costs somewhat by selecting a size or location whose cost is consistent with their expectations. A small private mausoleum on the family estate costs significantly less than a large community mausoleum in a cemetery plot where land prices are at a premium. Changing the size or location of the private mausoleum can significantly impact the final price and mausoleum options, and may be the best place for families to compromise if cost is a concern.

A custom mausoleum is a major investment, and it deserves the proper materials and high-quality construction to accurately reflect those interred within. Contact Forever Legacy for a custom mausoleum price quote, and to begin creating a lasting legacy for your family.

Let us build your Legacy with a Mausoleum at a Reasonable Cost.

Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional service along with an exceptional legacy. You’ll find no better private mausoleum construction team. Contact us today for information on building a private mausoleum or to begin planning your legacy.

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