Mausoleum Design Overview

Mausoleum Design

Mausoleum Design Inspiration

The design team at Forever Legacy is ready to turn your vision into reality. Whether you prefer an elegantly classic structure or the sleekness of an ultra-modern mausoleum, we customize and refine your mausoleum design to match your personality and aesthetic. Our experienced designers have constructed mausoleums in a wide variety of mausoleum styles, including:

  • Baroque
  • Classical
  • Egyptian
  • Gothic
  • Modern
  • Open air
  • Tumulus

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Mausoleum Design Process

Forever Legacy’s leadership team supervises the entire mausoleum design and construction process, and remains your contact throughout. Following the initial design consultation, you receive an in-depth proposal for your private mausoleum.

Based on initial design discussions, we create preliminary designs. Together, we work to refine the design until it is the best reflection of you, as well as properly matched to the mausoleum site. Throughout the design and development process, you should expect:

  • Initial consultation with a principal of Forever Legacy
  • In-person consultation
  • In-depth proposal for the mausoleum build (cost considerations)
  • Preliminary CAD Designs, or consultation with custom architect
  • Final proposal
  • Proposal accepted
  • Granite quarried
  • Granite cut, carved, and finished (granite options)
  • Mausoleum construction

For superior service and unsurpassed excellence in mausoleum construction, Forever Legacy is your answer.


Mausoleum Landscaping

At Forever Legacy, no detail is left unmanaged. That includes planning for the property surrounding the mausoleum. Our expert landscape architects thoughtfully design both natural and constructed elements to fit the style of your mausoleum, the environment, and your preferences, making the landscape architecture as unique as the mausoleum architecture.

Mausoleum Walkways. Our exceptional mausoleums require an exterior that enhances the building. An attractive, yet durable, walkway is installed for a visually pleasing entrance to the mausoleum.

Mausoleum Statuary and Art. Large urns, angels, and other statuary are commonly added artistic and sculptural elements. Some constructed elements are designed to integrate with natural elements in the landscape. These elements are especially powerful in bringing beauty, dignity, and balance to the mausoleum site.

Living Elements. The living landscape must be carefully planned for ease of maintenance and longevity. Our landscape architects understand the importance of selecting flora to enhance the site perpetually.

As an integral part of the mausoleum’s external view, choices are carefully made for lasting effect. Your landscape may include statuary and other artistic elements that integrate with natural elements, in different colors and textures, to unify the mausoleum site with scaled and balanced elements.

Mausoleum Granite Colors

Forever Legacy mausoleums are constructed of American granite, a superior material for mausoleum construction due to its durability and beauty. Our granite is able to withstand the effects of weather and stand in perpetuity. Commercial quality American granite is available in several colors, allowing further customization of each private mausoleum.

Which color is right for your mausoleum design?

Cameo Rose Granite

Cameo Rose

Bethel White Granite

Bethel White

Wild Rose Granite

Wild Rose

Pine Green Granite

Pine Green

American Black Granite

American Black

Canadian Mahogany Granite

Canadian Mahogany

Blue Gray Granite

Blue Gray

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