How to Find Land for Your Private Mausoleum


Mausoleums have gained notoriety throughout the ages for their architectural beauty and fascinating history. Many mausoleums, along with the estates on which they are located, become historical landmarks in their respective communities, creating a lasting legacy for the families entombed within their walls.

Where do you envision your final resting place? How do you want to express your legacy? The location of your mausoleum is just as important as, and could influence, your mausoleum design. Consider whether you want to purchase a private lot at a high-end cemetery or build your mausoleum on a private estate. Then, customize your family’s mausoleum to your heart’s content.

Memorial Grounds Mausoleum

Many modern cemeteries now offer private lots for family mausoleums, in addition to community mausoleums. Private lots at these cemeteries offer breathtaking views for the living as well as the deceased. Some memorial lots include:

  • Ocean views
  • Hilltop views
  • A swan-filled lake
  • Botanical gardens
  • Zen gardens
  • A nearby waterfall
  • Lush landscaping

These spaces are exclusive: some cemeteries only offer a dozen of these types of family lots. However, a number of high-end memorial parks and gardens have been built in recent years – from the coasts to the Midwest – to accommodate the growing demand for custom private mausoleums. For families that want the ultimate luxury memorial, a private memorial lot is a great choice.

Private Estate Mausoleum

You may be able to find a private lot at a memorial park that suits your family’s tastes, but some cemeteries may place restrictions on your mausoleum construction. Those who want the freedom to construct a highly customized structure may choose to build their mausoleums on private property. In fact, royals and other prominent figures have been building mausoleums on private estates for centuries.

If you decide to build a mausoleum on your private estate, make sure to:

  • Follow local laws and regulations. Consult your local zoning laws and regulations to make sure that you can construct your mausoleum in the planned spot. Depending on your mausoleum design plans, your construction project may take some time and affect the neighborhood. Be considerate of your community and neighbors.
  • Utilize existing grounds or consider landscaping. You may want to utilize the existing space on your property as it is, or you might want to consider landscaping to match your mausoleum design.
  • Choose a safe spot to build a solid foundation. Make sure that you choose a spot on your property with solid ground to build your mausoleum’s foundation. You may have to have the ground leveled, or modify your mausoleum design, if you plan to build it on a hilltop.
  • Consider vantage points and accessibility. Decide whether you want to construct your mausoleum in a secluded area or open space. And consider the accessibility of the structure to your family members, friends, and other visitors who will come to pay their respects.

Your custom family mausoleum serves as a lasting artistic expression. Create a mausoleum plan that identifies the best location and design for your personal landmark.

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