Climate controlled mausoleum holding nearly 3,000 planned on Staten Island


A new mausoleum designed to hold 1,300 cremation urns and 1,500 caskets is scheduled to be opened at Staten Island’s Moravian Cemetery in March 2015.

The mausoleum is being built to solve the issue of limited burial space at the 113-acre cemetery, and on Staten Island in general. Plans call for the mausoleum to be a climate-controlled indoor structure with air conditioning, heating, and a security system.

The mausoleum will offer community niches and casket spaces, as well as more private spaces. At the higher end of the mausoleum offerings are three family rooms with windows and streaming sunlight, one of which can hold up to 24 people, and the other two of which can hold 12.

Mausoleum Design Inspiration

Moravian Cemetery’s new mausoleum reflects the growing trend for not only community mausoleums, but also for private mausoleums that offer state-of-the-art features and exceptional design.

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Consider Security in Your Mausoleum Design


In the past few weeks, several mausoleum break-ins and vandalism reports made news headlines, highlighting the need for security in mausoleum design. Many simply don’t consider criminal activity when they’re designing and building a mausoleum, but a few basic considerations ensure that your mausoleum – and your family – are protected from common mausoleum-based crimes. Mausoleum security potentially saves your family thousands of dollars in costs associated with vandalism and theft and ensures that your final rest is undisturbed.

Beware of Common Mausoleum Crimes

When thinking about security for your mausoleum, consider ways to counter:

  • Vandalism: breaking into the mausoleum and causing malicious destruction, such as destroying statuary, defacing paintings, and breaking stained glass
  • Theft: breaking into a mausoleum for the purpose of taking jewelry or other mementos of value
  • Use of mausoleum for illicit activities: breaking into a mausoleum for the purposes of drug use or even camping in the mausoleum

Minimize the potential danger to your mausoleum by thinking about security when you select a location for your mausoleum, and integrate security features into your design.

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3 New Trends in Modern Mausoleum Construction


Say the word “mausoleum” and most people picture a dilapidated building in a mystical Gothic style – the kind of building you find in a tourist brochure. While there is plenty to admire about the style of old and historically significant mausoleums, and some people may prefer them to modern mausoleums, the mausoleums of today offer a wider array of options than ever before.

The many death-related museums around the world show us that the way we choose to remember the dead has transformed over time in countless ways. The mausoleums of today evolved, like other customs related to death, to meet the current zeitgeist. The following are three trends of modern mausoleums that reflect our growing desire for individuality, social responsibility and luxury, even in death.

Modern Art and Architecture

Many newly constructed mausoleums are indistinguishable from other modern buildings. Boasting clean lines and minimalist designs, these mausoleums look like art museums or even installations. One example of a modern mausoleum is the Panteon Nube in Murcia, Spain featuring an ice-cave design and translucent black onyx panels to let in soft light during the daytime.

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Considerations for Where to Construct a Mausoleum


Mausoleums are a good alternative to ground burials for a number of reasons. Many individuals choose entombment in a mausoleum to ensure security of remains against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Mausoleum security systems protect against grave robbers as well. Others choose mausoleums for the personalization it offers to those who wish to go out in grand fashion, or for the space and cost savings of burying multiple family members in the same place.

When opting for entombment in a mausoleum, choose between a community mausoleum and a private mausoleum. The benefit of a private mausoleum is greater flexibility and customization. When constructing a private mausoleum, it’s important to take into account:

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Select a Secure Mausoleum Design and Know Your Location

When families create a custom mausoleum design, they think about what would best reflect the family, and how to show their love for those interred within. Few families consider the security of a mausoleum, or the practical realities of a specific location where the private family mausoleum will be built. When considering custom mausoleum design, don’t forget to factor in security and the mausoleum location to create a lasting legacy that withstands not only the vagaries of weather, but of human influence.

Mausoleum Vandalism in Ohio Makes Headlines
In mid-November, a notable case of mausoleum vandalism made headlines in Ohio. A middle-aged man attempted to break into a mausoleum, and police found one shoe still stuck in the shattered window. The man had taken a seat cushion from a nearby marble bench into the mausoleum, and beer bottles were found nearby. The man had no affiliation with the mausoleum or the cemetery – he just happened to live nearby and found the mausoleum a tempting target for mischief. He might not have been caught had the mausoleum not contained an alarm, which tripped and alerted the police.

Where Will Your Custom Mausoleum be Constructed?
When thinking about mausoleum design, don’t forget to factor in where your custom mausoleum will be constructed. Research the area and find out whether the cemetery or location has a history of vandalism. Some cemeteries are frequent targets for miscreants, while others are quite safe with little to no history of malicious activity. When you’re considering the location of your custom mausoleum, ask yourself things like:

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Granite Mausoleum Construction


A Mausoleum is an exceptional opportunity to build a meaningful and lasting tribute to family. While the cost can be considerable for a private mausoleum, granite construction is durable, a true legacy material.

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Cemetery Mausoleum


Cemetery mausoleums are beautiful monuments to the deceased that provide economy of space, and attest that therein are laid those who were deeply loved and are greatly missed. A cemetery mausoleum stands above ground, noticed and admired for its artwork and fine architecture. An admirer may not even realize they are studying a mausoleum cemetery, but simply a marvelous structure built in stone.

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