3 New Trends in Modern Mausoleum Construction


Say the word “mausoleum” and most people picture a dilapidated building in a mystical Gothic style – the kind of building you find in a tourist brochure. While there is plenty to admire about the style of old and historically significant mausoleums, and some people may prefer them to modern mausoleums, the mausoleums of today offer a wider array of options than ever before.

The many death-related museums around the world show us that the way we choose to remember the dead has transformed over time in countless ways. The mausoleums of today evolved, like other customs related to death, to meet the current zeitgeist. The following are three trends of modern mausoleums that reflect our growing desire for individuality, social responsibility and luxury, even in death.

Modern Art and Architecture

Many newly constructed mausoleums are indistinguishable from other modern buildings. Boasting clean lines and minimalist designs, these mausoleums look like art museums or even installations. One example of a modern mausoleum is the Panteon Nube in Murcia, Spain featuring an ice-cave design and translucent black onyx panels to let in soft light during the daytime.


Mausoleums of old were solemn and stone-cold structures, but there is a new trend toward customization and personalization. Many families opt for a private mausoleum instead of a public mausoleum because of the opportunity for customization. A mausoleum’s interior, as well as its exterior, are designed to reflect the tastes of the deceased and his or her family.


As funerals and cremations become more eco-friendly, mausoleums are following suit. Although mausoleums require construction, designers are finding new ways to make them more eco-friendly. One way is to create an “open-air” mausoleum, or a gazebo-like structure function non-obtrusively in a park or urban garden. Another trend is to use mausoleums as a renewable energy source. A town outside Barcelona had solar panels installed on top of its mausoleums to generate green power.

Whatever your aesthetic, mausoleum construction experts help you come up with a design to meet your needs. Create and customize a private mausoleum that stands the test of time to be admired through the ages. Contact us to get started today.

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