The Sun Also Rises: Mausoleum Meets Solar Power


An interesting story came out of the St. Louis, Missouri area this week when an enterprising cemetery merged the paragon of human eternity, the mausoleum, with another eternal object, the sun. The New Mount Sinai Cemetery constructed an array of solar panels that captures the sun’s light and converts it into energy for their large communal mausoleum.

Speaking to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, New Mount Sinai Cemetery board member Dick Brickson said, “Economically, we think it’s a wonderful thing. Ecologically, we think it’s a wonderful thing as well.” And while this is not the first instance of a cemetery using solar power, it is a sign of these eco-conscious times and a growing trend for both private and public mausoleums.

Solar Power and Mausoleums, A Perfect Pair

In Greek mythology, the Titan god Helios drives the sun’s chariot across the sky. His sister, Selene, was thought to have taken the moon, in its ever changing form, on a similar journey. Modern science has since replaced ancient myth, providing a detailed astronomical explanation for how our sun faithfully blazes daily across our skies.

Modern man marks the passage of time by the eternal trek of the bright, hot, glowing orb that is responsible for all life. In fact, the notion of eternity wouldn’t exist without the oath kept by Helios and the sun, that they would rise daily, perpetually welcoming us to each successive day.

As humans, we realize that our time on earth is limited. We, therefore, seek to ensure our eternal presence by other means. It is our mortality, it could be argued, that drives us to be great. At heart, each of us wants our legacy to be long-lasting. This is why we christen monuments. This is why we mark burial grounds. This is why the successful and the storied among us are interred in private mausoleums.

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