Three Strange Mausoleum Stories


Mausoleums are a symbol of remembrance and honor for many cultures. Over the years, exquisite mausoleums like the Taj Mahal have attracted tourists from all over the country to see its artistry. Other tombs like the three you will read about in this blog seem to lure people in by the mystery and strange stories around their design. Nevertheless, a mausoleum should be unique and have its own story to tell. A story that, sometimes, is stranger than fiction.

The Mausoleum of Baroness Elizaveta Demidoff

Located in Père Lachaise a subdivision of Paris, France, this tomb was constructed for a Russian aristocrat, Baroness Demidoff. The legend states that shortly before her 1818 death she invited people to a contest to see who could live in the tomb and not go crazy.

The Tomb of Richard and Catherine Dotson

If you’ve ever flown over or taken a flight from the Savannah International Airport, then you have passed by the only mausoleum on a tarmac. The couple was laid to rest in the late 1800s, but when the land was needed during World War II, the city agreed not to disturb the cemetery on the land, but to instead, build around it.

The Mausoleum of Mary Reed

Quietly tucked away in the Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York lies Mary Reed and her husband, Jonathan. Stories say that after his wife died in 1893, Jonathan would visit her every afternoon, decorating the walls of the mausoleum with her favorite items and leaving flowers. Before long, he moved into the mausoleum to be closer to his departed wife. And, ten years later he died in her mausoleum, by her side.

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