Mausoleum Repair and Mausoleum Restorations


Time and exposure to the elements creates exterior mausoleum damage requiring mausoleum crack repair, stain cleaning, and other restoration. Selecting a premier construction team for your mausoleum is important as the knowledge, skills, and use of high quality materials for construction reduces future mausoleum repairs.

To create a lasting monument, a qualified mausoleum builder uses genuine bronze doors. Some builders use a stainless steel door with a thin copper coating, giving the appearance of bronze without the durability. Stained glass windows are coated with Lexan to protect glass from breaking. The strongest material for constructing a mausoleum is granite, making a granite mausoleum the best choice for longevity. Good granite choices are Barre Grey, Mountain Rose, and American Black. Cheaper mausoleums are built with concrete in place of granite, but concrete is prone to cracking and will require future major mausoleum repairs. Marble interiors may be used, but require an experienced choice of marble and good technique to limit future restorations.

A mausoleum is meant to last forever. Therefore, it is wise to work with a builder who provides a warranty covering maintenance and emergency mausoleum repairs for years to come. This type of warranty is known as a perpetual warranty. Tending to small mausoleum repairs and maintenance needs minimizes costly operations such as mausoleum foundation repair or collapse of the mausoleum.

Expected maintenance includes:

  • Monthly maintenance of bronze doors and glass
  • Annual inspection of structure and mortar joints
  • Resealing of the building every 45-55 years

Exterior mausoleum repair by a qualified mausoleum restoration company involves:

1. Washing the mausoleum exterior with an acid designed for stone.

2.Cutting out existing damaged mortar.

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