The Haydn Mausoleum

The Haydn Mausoleum

The Haydn is a classical mausoleum in all its grandeur. The Corinthian-style columns and triangular pediment are hallmarks of classic architecture and the bas reliefs above the columns feature classical imagery. Beautiful Barre granite is an excellent canvas for this simple but stately design. This particular mausoleum features eight crypts inside.

The landscaping is simple, with a curved flagstone walkway leading up to the entryway. Low bushes form a natural border without obscuring this stately mausoleum. The landscaping is attractive and complementary without distracting from the dignity and majesty of the mausoleum design itself.

  • Dimensions: 18’-2” x 15’-10” x 16’-0”
  • Weight: 340,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Barre
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 8
  • Style: Walk-In Mausoleum

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