The Bach Mausoleum

The Bach Mausoleum

The Bach is a commanding mausoleum design that belies its reasonably modest size. The inset mausoleum entrance featuring simple Doric columns and an Art Nouveau border around the door makes the outer face of the mausoleum seem substantial and imposing, even with its relatively discrete footprint. The simple carvings set into the corners and central face of the entablature provide ornamentation without detracting with the real focus of the design – the inset mausoleum entrance.

This mausoleum is constructed from two types of granite; Barre for the main body of the mausoleum, and Jet Black granite for the columns. With eight crypts, this mausoleum design is suitable for family interment. Landscaping is minimal and simple to avoid detracting from the striking mausoleum facade.

  • Dimensions: 18’-0” x 16’-2” x 15’-1”
  • Weight: 190,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Barre, Jet Black
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 8
  • Style: Walk-In Mausoleum

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