The Tallis Mausoleum


The Tallis is a mausoleum design integrating classical elements with beautiful carvings and religious imagery. The Doric columns frame the facade while the lovingly-detailed carvings flank the sunburst-and-cross doorway. The use of stained glass brings color and brightness to this design. A carved border along the doorway and base of the entablature provides embellishment without being overly ornate or detracting from the beautiful carvings and stained glass. The cross crowning this mausoleum completes the religious imagery. The Tallis provides a peaceful and comforting final resting place for up to six family members.

  • Dimensions: 12’0” x 12’-9” x 13’-0”
  • Weight: 150,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Barre
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 6

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