The Handel Mausoleum

The Handel Mausoleum

The Handel is a classical mausoleum design inspired by the colonnade of the Peripteral temple. The Doric columns surround the mausoleum, standing sentinel over those interred within. The contrast between the Barre granite of the main mausoleum construction and the Jet Black granite of the columns creates a striking appearance, and the carved frieze and pediment are a beautiful complement to this arresting facade.

This mausoleum feels massive due to its design, and the interior is equally impressive, featuring a full 40 crypts/niches. The combined granite of this substantial design weighs in at 280,000 pounds. Only the master craftsmen at Forever Legacy could successfully execute this imposing mausoleum design.

  • Dimensions: 14’-4” x 19’-8” x 16’-2”
  • Weight: 280,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Barre, Jet Black
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 40 niches
  • Style: Walk-In Mausoleum

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