The Verdi Mausoleum

The Verdi Mausoleum

The Verdi is a mausoleum that employs master craftsmanship and technique to create a striking, beautiful design. Elaborate Corinthian columns provide a classic element, and the Gothic pointed arch doorway creates a striking entryway for this mausoleum. Use of contrasting Barre granite colors and different stone finishing techniques create a lovely design that literally shines with a mirror polish.

Landscaping elements are integrated into the mausoleum design and feature an important component of The Verdi. Plants in the flower boxes and flanking the entryway bring in natural elements, and the stone border featuring carefully-chosen shrubberies accents this design nicely. The cut stone walkway completes the look, integrating this mausoleum with its surroundings and inviting visitors to come spend a few moments remembering those interred within.

  • Dimensions: 19’-6” x 17’-0” x 15’-1”
  • Weight: 168,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Barre
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 6
  • Style: Walk-In Mausoleum

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