Memorial Monument: An Investment In Self


Each expenditure of capital, regardless of intent, is a form of investment. Business expenses are often an investment in innovation and progress. Charitable donation, a noble act which also provides a handsome tax deduction is, itself, an investment in humanity. Lastly, earmarking a modicum of your wealth in consideration of end-of-life and afterlife planning is an investment in your own and your family’s legacy.

Through history, monuments have been erected to commemorate important events, groups, and individuals. One’s first visit to our nation’s capital is an awe inspiring experience: traveling past the massive obelisk that is The Washington Monument or reflecting before the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a painstakingly crafted monument that stands as a testament to those soldiers who gave the last full measure of devotion. Monuments also dot the landscape of our nation’s cities and towns, recognizing city fathers and local heroes. There are also self-funded monuments by prominent members of prominent families who want to protect the family name while also seeking to ensure their individuality will forever be recognized.

The single best way to memorialize an important life is with the construction of a family mausoleum. Not only do certain unique and personal design implements herald the remarkable lives of the persons interred, but also the importance of the family name lives on in perpetuity.

Important Considerations When Crafting Forever

Many factors must be taken into account in the planning stages of constructing a family mausoleum. First and foremost, the fact the structure is intended and expected to stand the test of time, comfort and familiarity with a reputable mausoleum production company is an absolute necessity. Finding and working with a company that provides an eternal unconditional guarantee on their workmanship that extends to your heirs is one way to provide peace of mind at the outset of the relationship.

This monument to you and your family is meant to stand the test of time. Work with a company that spares no expense in providing the highest quality materials for your mausoleum and employs the services of the world’s top master craftsmen in the aim of realizing your vision in granite. A premier mausoleum provider attends to your desires, concerns, and vision when the planning and constructing your family monument.

Crafting one’s legacy is challenging when the family name is already established. A delicate balance must be struck between honoring the achievements and history of your forebears while ensuring your own legacy is established and recognized. An individual or family mausoleum gives individuals an opportunity to craft a unique personal statement and memorialize the family name.

The Time Is Now

From the time of the pharaohs to today, mausoleums and other memorial monuments were often crafted after the passing of the individual they were constructed to honor. As stately and dignified as these structures are, we will never know what the persons they honor would have wanted in terms of design elements, physical placement, and other considerations included in the final product. Fortunately, today mausoleum construction experts work with us to design and construct highest quality mausoleums that meet our discerning expectations. This is perhaps why, moving forward, mausoleums and other memorial monuments are regarded as a sound and important investment in self.

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