Mausoleum Crypts: Family & Estate Mausoleums


Although expensive, mausoleums are highly valuable and beneficial ways of preserving the memory of an individual or family. A mausoleum crypt provides a safe resting place for the remains of family members in a way that allows a continuing feel of closeness that traditional burial does not supply.

What is a Crypt Mausoleum?

The mausoleum crypt is the chamber within the mausoleum that holds the burial remains. In some cases these may be cremation urns instead of or as well as caskets. The size of the crypt determines the number of individuals that can be interred in the mausoleum.

A larger estate mausoleum may have multiple mausoleum crypts to hold several members of a family while smaller, personal mausoleums may only have one. The mausoleum size and mausoleum plans can both be varied to fit each family’s needs.

What are the Different Mausoleum Plans?

The two most popular construction plans are the sarcophagus and vestibule styles. For an estate mausoleum, the vestibule style is better. This has a small vestibule for visitation and prayers with one or two crypts opening from it. The american mausoleum size is generally sufficient to hold two to six burials. In this case, the crypt mausoleum is a separate chamber that may or may not be sealed.

In the sarcophagus style mausoleums, the mausoleum crypt is in the main body of the mausoleum.

How Big Are Mausoleum Crypts?

They vary. A crypt may hold only one body or as many as five or even ten. Most hold two or three burials. In some cases a mausoleum crypt may be designed to hold a large number of cremations. The plan of the mausoleum may effect and to some degree dictate the size of the crypt. It also dictates the size of any covered area that can be used by the living.

An estate mausoleum is a great way to preserve family continuity and allow the easy visiting of the gravesite by living family members. Properly constructed of quality materials, mausoleums have the potential to stand forever, and can be built large enough to hold several generations in mausoleum crypts. It is an option worth considering if you have the space to construct one on your own property and the desire to create a monument that future generations will appreciate.

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