Mausoleum Burial


When considering a burial mausoleum for yourself or beloved family, carefully consider the design to ensure it reflects your love, appreciation, and stature through the structure, art, materials, and location. These factors determine the appearance and outward message of a cemetery mausoleum or private mausoleum, as well as the cost. Mausoleum burial is a beautiful statement of both love and deep loss.

A mausoleum burial is similar to any other cemetery burial. Burial in a mausoleum is an above-ground process compared to burial in the earth. Interment of the deceased may be below ground level within the mausoleum, even with the structure of the cemetery mausoleum primarily above ground. After burial services, if the mausoleum is a vestibule with windows and doors, the casket is carefully interred within the mausoleum through the doorway, or, in the case of a sarcophagus mausoleum with no openings, a crane may temporarily remove the roof or one wall in order to place the deceased inside.

Mausoleum Burial Structure

Mausoleums can be placed on private property or in public or private cemeteries. The placement of mausoleums may define their appearance in addition to driving mausoleum costs. Although the size of mausoleums can drive costs, larger mausoleums can hold more generations of family members, and, over time, be more economical as well as keep family together.

A burial mausoleum for an individual represents honor and respect while a family mausoleum represents closeness. It is not uncommon to find a small group of mausoleums for the same family, with an individual mausoleum positioned alongside those in a family mausoleum.

The monument, and the placement and size of the mausoleum burial structure, tells tales of love, appreciation, and devotion to our beloved deceased. Families carefully consider features to arrive at the right mix of statements that convey their love, their loss, and their faith to the world. American mausoleums are monuments of love, standing for future generations to keep the memory of those within fresh and alive in the world.

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