The Cemetery Mausoleum


A cemetery mausoleum offers an appealing opportunity to inter beloved family members above ground. Beautiful cemetery mausoleums draw admiration and appreciation from family members and strangers alike, and provide a permanent monument to the love and devotion that family members feel toward the deceased.

Depending on the style and design of a cemetery mausoleum, this type of mausoleum may inter one or more deceased individuals. Families can construct cemetery mausoleums to hold both caskets and urns, providing the ability to lovingly memorialize family members regardless of their burial or crematory wishes. Sometimes, cemetery mausoleums include a lower level for crypts and caskets; potentially even underground. A cemetery mausoleum is designed to keep remains clean and dry, even at underground levels, giving the deceased a place to rest undisturbed.

 The Vestibule Cemetery Mausoleum is an Appealing Option for Visitation

A vestibule-style cemetery mausoleum enables visitors to enter the mausoleum to visit the deceased. Some vestibules offer a small chapel for visitors to pray, or simply enjoy meaningful time with beloved family members. Many families select a vestibule cemetery mausoleum because of the closeness and privacy that it offers for visitation.

In a private family mausoleum, family members may leave personal effects to memorialize a deceased individual within a vestibule mausoleum. These include items like a photo of the deceased, a favorite piece of art or sculpture, jewelry, or even letters to the deceased. The privacy of a family cemetery mausoleum gives a family the comfort of memorializing the deceased in whatever manner they prefer – particularly when access is restricted to family only.

The Sarcophagus Cemetery Mausoleum is a Monumental Structure

A sarcophagus-style cemetery mausoleum is a closed, permanent structure with no doorway. This type of cemetery mausoleum is designed for appreciation in a monumental sense, from the outside alone. One benefit of sarcophagus interment is the permanent protection from weather and outside interference. A sarcophagus mausoleum may be chosen based on style, cost, or reduced maintenance needs.

Cemetery Mausoleums Show Love and Appreciation

Beyond providing a beautiful venue for visiting, and protection for remains, a primary reason families select cemetery mausoleums is to show their love and devotion to deceased family members. A cemetery mausoleum stands as an everlasting sign of love, respect, and appreciation for the family interred within. These long-lasting monuments, far more than the simple headstones that accompany underground burial, help a family express their affection and respect toward the deceased, and show how much the family misses their lost loved ones.

No matter the personal preferences for design and style, a cemetery mausoleum gives a family the opportunity to memorialize and visit the deceased in whatever manner they prefer. It serves as a lasting monument of the respect, love, and devotion that the family feels for the deceased, and is a beautiful way to memorialize lost family members.
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