Burnet Mausoleum

The facade of this imported Italian marble vault is typical of the exuberant decoration and form found in the Baroque style of architecture. Erected in 1865, it was designed by Cincinnati architect Charles Rule for the Burnet family. Rule’s design includes twin cherubs leaning against an urn while they hover over the entry. Two other urns are topped with the flame of life.

Judge Jacob Burnet originally had a vault in Cincinnati’s Presbyterian Churchyard, but fearing urban development, he gave up his churchyard plot and purchased a plot at Spring Grove. He died in 1853 and was buried in the plot he purchased at Spring Grove. However, his wife had her own ideas about where she wanted to spend eternity and had this mausoleum built to Charles Rule’s design. In 1865, the Judge’s remains were disintered and placed in the newly completed Burnet mausoleum. He shares the mausoleum with his wife and son.
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[address cemetery=”Spring Grove Cemetery” street=”Spring Grove Ave” city=”Cincinnati” state=”Ohio” zip=”45232″]

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