Wharton Mausoleum

The Wharton mausoleum, built c. 1860 seems to be comfortably burrowed into the hillside. The mausoleum’s rich patina has been aided, no doubt, by decades of exposure to the smokestacks of Pittsburgh’s many industries. A blooming “snowball” bush softens and completes the scene. The Wharton mausoleum’s form is Classical Revival with some early Victorian embellishments. One can easily imagine the mausoleum’s double doors gracing the parlor of a fashionable Pittsburgh address.

The lot owner and one of the occupants of the mausoleum was Oliverette Wharton, a relative of the Wharton brothers, who owned the Ormsby Ironworks in Pittsburgh.
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[address cemetery=”Allegheny Cemetery” street=”4715 Penn Avenue” city=”Pittsburgh” state=”Pennsylvania” zip=”15224″]

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