Tso Mausoleum

Two marble dog-lions, or Shih Tzu of Fo, guard the Buddhist mausoleum of Paul Yung Tso. These mythological animals, special guardians of Lord Buddha, teach patience and the subjugation of the ego and its passions. The male, seen here with a ball under its paw, is always located on the east. The ball is hollow, a symbol of the “emptiness” of the mind in Buddhist spiritual beliefs. The female dog-lion, seated out of view and on the west, has a baby under her paw. These paired creatures also represent the opposing forces of Yin (female) and Yang (male).

The dog-lions, the other statuary flanking the mausoleum and the positioning of all the elements are part of the Feng Shui of the site. Feng Shui is an art based on the belief that a harmonious relationship between our environment and nature’s forces affects our disposition and luck.
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