Stejskal-Buchal Mausoleum

The hooded figure inching toward the Classical Revival Stejskal-Buchal mausoleum in Chicago’s Bohemian National Cemetery, may look like the grim reaper but is actually the “Pilgrim”, a bronze statue sculpted in 1929 by the great Czech sculptor, Albin Polacek (1879-1965).

Not all of Polacek’s creations are gloomy. In fact another of his works in the Bohemian National Cemetery is a partially clad Adonis-like figure, whose extended hand reaches for a mausoleum’s ringed door handle.

Mr. Stejskal (pronounced “Stay-Skal”), a Czech-American, who will spend eternity waiting for the Pilgrim to arrive at his door, was a founder of the Novak & Stejskal Bank at the corner of Loomis and Blue Avenues in Chicago.
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[address cemetery=”Bohemian National Cemetery” street=”5255 North Pulaski Road” city=”Chicago” state=”Illinois” zip=”60630″]

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