Steinway Mausoleum

Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York

The largest private mausoleum in Green-Wood holds the earthy remains of dozens of members of the Steinway family, and there’s room for dozens more. Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (1797-1871) arrived in the United States with his family in 1851. He soon anglicized his name to Henry Engelhard Steinway. Steinway was already a successful piano-maker in Germany, and he and his four sons found ready work at piano companies in New York before striking out on their own in 1853 as Steinway and Sons. The company soon became known for quality workmanship and garnered awards at expositions in London and Paris. Steinway’s simple principle was to build the best possible piano without regard for price, and to strive to always improve the instrument. The company has earned over 120 patents, a greater number than any other piano company.

The Steinway mausoleum was built shortly after Henry Steinway’s death for $80,000 ($1.5 million today). It was designed by John Moffitt and contains over 200 individual crypts. Its hilly perch makes it appear even more massive and imposing. The cemetery frequently opens this private mausoleum to visitors during special events.

Steinway Mausoleum Interior

Two walls of crypts line the interior of the mausoleum. Each wall contains 56 crypts. A large piece of granite covers an underground vault. Just out of view at the bottom left are the crypts of Henry Steinway and his wife Julia. The lettering on the marble cover fronting his crypt reads, “E. Henry Steinway, Born February 15th 1797, at Wolfshagen, Duchy of Brunswick, Germany, arrived in New-York June 29th. 1850. Name lawfully changed from “Steinweg” Died February 7th, 1871.”
Text and photo &copy: Douglas Keister Visit Doug’s Author Page

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