Stachura Mausoleum

The Stachura mausoleum, built in 1988, is a modern interpretation of a Greek temple, including a favorite modernist motif: the starburst. Chester and Gloria Stachura designed the bronze bas relief on the door and had it cast by Rispoli Bronze of Long Island, New York. But the real story here is not about architecture. It is about love and remembrance.

The plaque above the entry is a representation of two wedding rings with the names Chester and Gloria and their wedding date, July 14th, 1956. Most mausoleums are inscribed with either the date of construction or the birth and death dates of its occupants, but the wedding date on the Stachura mausoleum is unique.

After Gloria died in 1989 Chester would spend long hours outside the mausoleum mourning his dear wife. Then one day, perhaps fatigued by many hours of standing, Chester decided to have their living room furniture replicated in granite, so he could sit in front of their mausoleum in comfort and remember times with Gloria in their home. He went to the cemetery board and after some debate they granted his request. After all, the board members finally agreed, one of the principles of Forest Lawn Cemetery was to make the cemetery accessible and comfortable for the living. On many days, visitors to Forest Lawn Cemetery will see Chester sitting on the love seat thinking of Gloria.
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