Spotts Mausoleum

John Baird of Philadelphia designed and erected this marble mausoleum in 1866, in an Islamic style with some Classical embellishments often called Venetian Gothic. Many fine examples can, understandably, be seen in Venice, Italy. Baird was an innovator in the use of steam power for cutting marble. He eventually built, on the Schuylkill River, the largest establishment for the sawing and manufacture of marble in the United States.

The mausoleum was commissioned by Mrs. Spotts, the widow of Capt. Harry I. Spotts, a popular Louisville steamboat captain. The lines and the overall shape of the mausoleum (only the front is seen in the photograph), are reminiscent of a funeral barge, perhaps a nod to Capt. Spott’s career on the Ohio River.
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[address cemetery=”Cave Hill Cemetery” street=”701 Baxter Avenue” city=”Louisville” state=”Kentucky” zip=”40204″]

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