Splane Mausoleum

The Splane mausoleum, built in 1952, for William W. Splane, a manufacturer of railroad cars, is a splendid example of the Modern Classicism aesthetic. Hallmarks of Modern Classicism, as seen in the Splane mausoleum, are the absence of surface ornament and clean restrained lines. The pair of engaged columns are the only suggestion of classical form. A realistically sculpted floral panel crowns the entry, while a frieze of debossed panels, in an astronomical motif, circles the tomb.

The placement of the mausoleum’s roof was an engineering marvel. The design, using a single slab of granite for the roof, did not allow for the use of ropes or hooks during placement on the mausoleum. The placement dilemma was solved by resting the slab on blocks of ice. When the ice slowly melted, the slab nestled into place.
Text and photo © Douglas Keister Visit Doug’s Author Page

[address cemetery=”Allegheny Cemetery” street=”4715 Penn Avenue” city=”Pittsburgh” state=”Pennsylvania” zip=”15224″]

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