Sarnoff Mausoleum

David Sarnoff
February 27, 1891–December 12, 1971
Kensico Cemetery
Valhalla, New York

This bunker-like mausoleum is the final resting place for communications mogul David Sarnoff. He was born near Minsk, Russia into a poor Jewish family. His father immigrated to the United States, and, when he amassed enough money, he sent for his family. Nine-year-old David arrived in the United States in 1900. He began actively working in 1906 after his father became incapacitated with tuberculosis. In the fall of 1906, he got a job with the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, and thus began a 60-year career in communications.

Sarnoff’s first major achievement was popularizing radio broadcasting. Until the early 1920’s, radio broadcasting was seen as a point-to-point technology not a point-to-mass-audience medium. Sarnoff’s coup was to broadcast a boxing match for his new employer RCA, Radio Corporation of America. Over 300,000 people listened, and sales of radios soared. He founded NBC, National Broadcasting Company, in 1926, and was also instrumental in the development of television. Spending eternity in the Sarnoff plot as well is RCA executive Robert Sarnoff (died 1997) and his wife, opera singer Anna Moffo (June 27, 1932–March 9, 2009).
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