Longstreet Mausoleum

This towering pyramid, now sealed for all time, holds the remains of members of the Longstreet family. Cornelius Tyler Longstreet, (1814-1881), who built the mausoleum, was a successful merchant in the wholesale clothing trade. He also served on the board of directors of two Syracuse banks.

Initially, Longstreet built a different mausoleum on this site. However, it did not fare well in the harsh, upstate New York winters. So, he went back to the drawing board and he replaced it with this pyramid. The interior of the tomb once contained elegantly carved tablets, sculpture, furniture and a Persian rug. Unfortunately, the tomb has now been sealed due to repeated vandalism.
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[address cemetery=”Oakwood Cemetery” street=”940 Comstock Avenue” city=”Syracuse” state=”New York” zip=”13210″]

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