Lefebvre Mausoleum

Most brick mausoleums are rather plain affairs where utility and economy-of-construction are of prime importance. Often, they are covered with stucco or similar materials to provide some character. The Lefebvre mausoleum is an exception to the rule and is truly a tribute to the bricklayer’s art. All of the architectural ornament in this Classical Revival mausoleum is expressed with bricks. Pediments, column capitals, dentils, engaged columns and embossed panels are all brick.

The only non-brick forms are the marble tablets calling the roll of departed family members. The Lefebvre family have actively used the mausoleum since its construction, over 100 years ago. Although cemetery records do not indicate the designer or builder of the mausoleum, its inspiration appears to have been the tomb of Cyrus the Great in ancient Persia.
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[address cemetery=”Metairie Cemetery” street=”5101 Pontchartrain Boulevard” city=”New Orleans” state=”Louisiana” zip=”70124″]

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