Larendon Tomb

General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard commissioned this unique tomb for his cherished daughter, Laure Beauregard Larendon (1850-1884). General Beauregard achieved immortality as the officer who ordered the first shots fired at Fort Sumter that began the Civil War. His daughter is immortalized by this one-of-a-kind tomb. The tomb in which Laure is spending eternity with her husband and two children was built in 1885 of dark Belgian limestone. The design is Moorish with lobed horseshoe arches and a modified dome crowned with an Eastern Orthodox cross. The somber mood of the structure is enlivened with a circular stained glass window set into one of the arches.

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[address cemetery=”Metairie Cemetery” street=”5101 Pontchartrain Boulevard” city=”New Orleans” state=”Louisiana” zip=”70124″]

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