Huck Mausoleum

Perhaps its fitting that the name of the architect who designed the Huck mausoleum has been lost to the ages, because the building manages to look like an alien space vessel from a Star Wars movie. Then again, Chicago has a long tradition of creative and innovative architecture, so what better place to try some experimentation than a cemetery, where few critics ever venture.

Cemetery records indicate the Huck mausoleum was built in 1915, probably by the wife of Louis Carl Huck, on a plot Huck purchased in 1888. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Huck, the mausoleum contains the remains of three infants who were moved here from other locations. Huck owned the Sheridan apartment building at the corner of LaSalle and Carl streets in Chicago.
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[address cemetery=”Graceland Cemetery” street=”4001 North Clark Street” city=”Chicago” state=”Illinois” zip=”60613″]

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