Graves Mausoleum

Robert Graves
1866-November 27, 1931

Robert Graves came from a prominent New York family. He inherited a large fortune from his father’s wallpaper business and lived an affluent lifestyle. However he led a trouble life and was married three times. His second wife,  Margaret J. Loughman Plant, was formerly the wife of Henry B. Plant, president of the H. B. Plant Company, which had a number of railroad holdings. Graves inherited her fortune when she died. In 1931, his mounting financial problems (perhaps as a result of the general financial collapse of the stock market in 1929) stun him into despondency. On November 28th 1931 he was found slumped in his chair after apparently firing two bullets into his head. However he must not have died completely in financial ruin: his will left $50,000 to a charitable fund called the “Hundred Neediest Cases Fund” administered by the New York Times in the name of his wife’s charity, the “Margaret Plant-Graves Fund”.

His octagonal mausoleum is set on a three-tiered podium, It features fluted pilasters marking each of the corners and an antefix at the peak of the stepped stone roof. Inside the mausoleum are seven nature-themed stained-glass windows crafted by Tiffany.
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[address cemetery=”Woodlawn Cemetery” street=”East 233rd Street” city=”Bronx” state=”New York” zip=”10470″]

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