Grant Mausoleum

The Grant mausoleum has elements of classical revival (the basic form, proportions, and column capitals), Richardsonian Romanesque (the rusticated stone), and even Egyptian (the pyramid-like roof). Architects saw mausoleums as an opportunity to be more creative and playful than their other work since they didn’t have to be concerned with things like electrical outlets, plumbing, views, and traffic flow from one room to another. Mausoleums are truly a testament to function following form since they had but one simple function: to house bodies. The mausoleum houses a number of bodies, including contractor John T. Grant, who died in 1887; William D. Grant, who built the Grant Building in downtown Atlanta; John W. Grant, a real estate tycoon who died in 1938; and Georgia Governor John Marshall Slaton, who died in 1955.
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[address cemetery=”Oakland Cemetery” street=”248 Oakland Avenue Southeast” city=”Atlanta” state=”Georgia” zip=”30312″]

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