Gheens Mausoleum

Charles W. Gheens (1837-1927) wasn’t about to take any chances when it came to selecting and building his final resting spot. Mr. Gheens apparently reasoned that death could come at any moment, so he planned ahead and built his mausoleum when he was only 37 years old. The May 7th, 1874, minutes of the Cave Hill Cemetery Board of Managers, stated: “Charles W. Gheens submitted drawings for a family vault to be erected on a lot selected for that purpose by Mr. Robert Ross, Superintendent, soliciting a permit therefore which was unanimously granted.” After completing construction of his mausoleum, Charles proceeded to live for another 53 years, dying at the ripe old age of 90 in New Orleans.

Gheens was engaged in a number of businesses, including interests in wholesale groceries, cement manufacturing and real estate. He contributed to many charities and actively supported the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Gheens mausoleum is a fine example of a Gothic Revival chapel mausoleum.
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