Fleischman Mausoleum

William Salway, the superintendent of Spring Grove Cemetery, designed this miniaturized, peristyled Doric Temple, reminiscent of the Parthenon, for the Fleischman family in 1913. Salway, who was trained as an engineer and landscape gardener in England, had taken the job of superintendent in 1883 following the death of former superintendent, Adolph Strauch. Strauch came to Spring Grove in 1854 and established the “Landscape Lawn Plan” of cemetery design, and established Spring Grove as one of the most attractively landscaped cemeteries in the country, a distinction that remains to this day.

In designing the Fleischman mausoleum, Salway combined neoclassical architecture with naturalism to to create a rustic, but ordered effect. The combination of the white temple (inspired by the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago) the plantings and the lake creates a picture much like the famous English garden at Sourhead.

W.H. Harrison, president of the Harrison Granite Company in New York, erected the mausoleum using 5000 cubic feet of Barre, Vermont granite. The walls are 18 inches thick. Recessed into one of them is a well secured stained glass window depicting the Three Fates.
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