E.J. “Lucky” Baldwin Mausoleum

This mausoleum is probably exactly what most people imagine a family tomb looks like. Its Classical style is admirable for its restrained elegance and enduring beauty. Twin polished, black marble columns in the Tuscan, frame the entry. A ray of sunlight illuminates a figurative stained glass window, and crowning the pediment an eternal flame, frozen forever in black marble.

Like many of his generation, Elias J. Baldwin (1828-1909), made his fortune as a Gold Rush entrepreneur. He earned his nickname “Lucky” by speculating in the Comstock Lode silver mines in Nevada. He made his fortune selling out at peak value. Baldwin proceeded to enhance his fortune with successful business endeavors in the hotel and real estate businesses. He built and owned major hotels in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. His most enduring legacy was his interest in the Santa Anita Rancho in Southern California which eventually became the world famous Santa Anita Raceway.
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[address cemetery=”Cypress Lawn Memorial Park” street=”1370 El Camino Real” city=”Colma” state=”California” zip=”94014″]

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