Crouse Mausoleum

Architect H.Q. French of New York designed this mausoleum in 1884 for John Crouse (1802-1891). It is in a style that can only be described as “uniquely funerary”. The main body of the Crouse tomb appears to be Romanesque Revival or “English Gothic” as it was known at the time, but certain details such as the piston-like columns suggest the influence of Frank Furness (Furness was a Philadelphia architect noted for his highly personal style). Crouse wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting, when it came to his eternal home so he had it built in anticipation of his death (which would occur 7 years after the completion of the mausoleum), rather than have some relative attend to its construction, after his death.

John Crouse was an industrialist and capitalist who was known as the wealthiest man in Syracuse, achieved the bulk of his wealth in the wholesale grocery business.
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[address cemetery=”Oakwood Cemetery” street=”940 Comstock Avenue” city=”Syracuse” state=”New York” zip=”13210″]

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