Cornelius Smith Mausoleum

The Lyman Cornelius Smith (1850-1910) mausoleum is one of the grandest mausoleums in a cemetery full of grand mausoleums. It is designed in a classically elegant Beaux-Arts style complete with four delicately carved Corinthian columns projecting out from the facade and a number of squared off, engaged Corinthian columns, which ring the building. Inside the mausoleum is a well-secured Tiffany stained glass window sandwiched between two pieces of one-inch thick plate glass.

Lyman Cornelius Smith was an industrialist and capitalist who had a vast empire of business holdings including banks, steamship companies, ship building companies, steel mills and railroads. His later years were devoted to developing his most well known product, the typewriter. Along with his brothers, he manufactured the Smith-Premier Typewriter and the L.C. Smith and Brothers Typewriter.
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[address cemetery=”Oakwood Cemetery” street=”940 Comstock Avenue” city=”Syracuse” state=”New York” zip=”13210″]

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