The Chopin Mausoleum

The Chopin Mausoleum

The Chopin is an arresting mausoleum constructed with very unusual granite, in a pattern that gives the design a very striking appearance. The main body of the mausoleum is constructed with Dakota Mahogany granite while the contrasting Jet Black granite around the door and horizontally striped around the mausoleum create a truly eye-catching design. The glass door and glass windows on the walls admit light into the mausoleum, and break up the large blocks of granite with an attractive detail.

The benches in front of the structure continue the contrasting Jet Black detailing on a landing of Dakota Mahogany, forming the only landscaping for this creative custom mausoleum. The granite itself is polished to a mirror finish and beautifully represents the fine work that the Forever Legacy master craftsmen do.

  • Dimensions: 12’-0” x 13’-1” x 14’-5”
  • Weight: 120,000 lbs.
  • Granite: Dakota Mahogany, Jet Black
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: 3

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