Byers Mausoleum

The multi-columned Byers mausoleum, built in 1902, is a perfect small scale Grecian Doric temple. The only break in the symmetry of the columns is the gap in front of the doorway. The gap is just wide enough to allow for the passage of a funeral procession carrying a casket into the mausoleum.

Alexander McBurney Byers (1827-1900) was in iron making for his whole adult life. He became a blast furnace superintendent at age 16, and in 1864 was a founder of the iron and pipe-making firm Graff, Byers & Co., which became A.M. Byers & Co. in 1886. His firm was noted for the Aston-Byers process that used Bessemer converters to make wrought iron pipe.
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