Bradbury Mausoleum

The Bradbury mausoleum on Mountain View Cemetery’s Millionaires Row is composed of various Egyptian forms, (the pyramidal roof and battered entry) and Classical Revival forms, (the corner pilasters) assembled in a creative manner. Angels are often used in mausoleum architecture. At the Bradbury mausoleum the angel is right at the door. Closer inspection reveals that the angel is able to slide out of the way to allow access to visitors, both permanent and temporary. But to prevent her from moving too far, she is secured with a chain and lock. Stand on the steps of the Bradbury mausoleum and you’ll see that the views of San Francisco from this lofty perch are just heavenly.

The mausoleum is the final resting place of Lewis L. Bradbury (1822-1892), a native of Bangor, Maine, his wife Simona and their daughter, Rosario Bradbury Winston.
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