Bindley Mausoleum

The Bindley mausoleum, built in 1907, is a replica interpretation of the Pantheon. The original Pantheon, built in Rome c. 118-128 AD during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian heralded a new era in Western architecture where spatial volumes became more important than physical structure. The Pantheon and the Bindley mausoleum are a domed round drum fronted by traditional temple portico and pediment.

The proportions of the Pantheon (the one in Rome, not the Bindley) were carefully calculated so that if the curve of the inside of the dome were extended downward, it would “kiss” the floor, creating a perfect sphere within the volume of the building. This was a symbolic reference to the temple’s dedication to all (“pan”) the gods (“theos”).

The Bindley’s Pantheon, with its softly rusticated granite block walls, Corinthian columns and sky-lighted dome is a study in subtle elegance. The Bindleys were financiers and owned a number of businesses. John Bindley was one of the original corporators of Allegheny Cemetery.
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