Betz Mausoleum

One of the largest mausoleums in West Laurel Hill Cemetery is the Classical Revival Betz mausoleum. Years of exposure to the elements have given its copper dome as well as its bronze doors a rich patina. The pediment, pilasters, blind windows, urns and lofty angel are all Classical Revival fare. Inside the mausoleum is an elaborate spiral staircase leading a flight down to the 30 underground crypts.

John F. Betz (1831-1908) was one of Philadelphia’s beer barons. He also owned a number of real estate holdings in Philadelphia, New York and Stuttgart, Germany. The family estate Betzwood, which was sold following his death, became famous as Lubin Studios, the world’s largest silent movie studio. Fans of the cinema wishing to experience the pastoral beauty of Betzwood may want to secure a copy of a silent movie shot at Betzwood, “Tillie’s Tomato Surprise” staring popular movie star of the day, Marie Dressler.
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