Bastian Mausoleum

It is quite unusual to see a woman’s name prominently carved on a mausoleum. After all, during the age of robber barons and millionaires, when most of the grand mausolea were constructed, a woman’s place was in the home, certainly not making a name for herself, unless, of course it was with her husband’s approval. So, who was Elisabeth Bastian? Little is known about her except she died on February the 11th, 1909 and her mausoleum was built in 1915. Elisabeth’s final resting place, which is a blend of revival styles, has polished Corinthian columns and displays an interesting interplay between smooth and rusticated stone.
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[address cemetery=”The Woodlawn Cemetery” street=”East 233rd Street” city=”Bronx” state=”New York” zip=”10470″]

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